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Today: toasters

Everyone needs a Radio-Toaster.
If you travel a lot you may need this one for you car.
A toaster for the dad who has everything (or nothing).
Ok, this one I actually own and I love it!

Ok, back to work making cell phones safe for mankind.
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Internet companies are being asked to retain records of customers' Web surfing for two years, according to reports. FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales first raised the issue with executives from several Internet service providers, including Mountain View-based Google Inc.  One approach reportedly discussed in the private, ongoing talks Friday was for ISPs to strengthen their own retention procedures, a step that could help them avoid legislation.

Soon they will know where you surf and who you email, along with illegally tapping your phone calls.
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The Worst President in History?

At the rate he's going, I would have to say he's working on being in the top 5 worst.
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I might watch them if they added the following categories (a quick list):

1) Best Action Movie
2) Best One Liner
3) Best Choreography in a Sex Scene
4) Worse Actor & Actress
5) Worse Movie

6) Sluttiest Costume Design
7) Best Supporting Role in a Sex Scene
8) Biggest Plot Hole

What would you add?
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* YAWN *

I'll think I'll watch them... no wait, I think I'll rearrange my sock drawer for four hours instead.
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Quick, run to the store and get some of that half price candy and stuff for your sweetie! [ profile] miss_jeannie and I are eating good tonight!
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The Greeting Card Association estimates that, world-wide, approximately one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas. The association also estimates that women purchase approximately 85 percent of all valentines.
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We watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra this weekend with a bunch of friends. It was quite funny. It's a spoof of 50's sci-fi movies. They hired good actors and told them to act like they were bad actors. If you like B rate movies, you would love this. Highly recommended. This is just another one of the wonderful movies my friend Jennifer keeps bringing over, she is the queen of B movies.
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My pictures from Guatemala didn't come out as good as I hoped. I think it's time to upgrade my camera and I want a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It's a really good camera. With it I'll know, that if my pictures suck, it's my fault, not the camera's. I wonder if I can convince [ profile] miss_jeannie to get it for me, after all it's still my birthday month!
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Here is a website with some info on who is good to buy from:
Of course Walmart is one of the worst.
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World of Warcraft: The Board Game is now shipping to stores and will be available this Friday. WoW enthusiasts will have to shell out a whopping $80 for the board though. The 2-6 player game is reported to take 3-9 hours to play and here are some game features:

Play as one of 16 heroes from nine classes and eight races, advance your character and gather treasure, battle thirteen different types of monsters, and ultimately challenge one of three invincible Overlords.

Build your character up from level 1 up to level 5 (the equivalent to level 60 in the online game) all the while increasing your character’s stats, abilities, talents, and equipment.

The game box weights more than 10 pounds and contains nearly 1000 components including 16 sculpted Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance, 120 plastic monsters, and hundreds upon hundreds of cards and cardboard tokens.
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